We just launched the new site.  Keep in touch to see all the additions to come.

My brand new updated product line which includes my international award-winng wall calendar.

More photos, videos and information about my filming adventures will be added to the site over

the weeks ahead and on going as my adventures continue into the wild.

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Award-Winning Photographer.  Publisher.  Naturalist.  Peter Slaney.

Nature photography plays an important role in the health of the human spirit. On the walls of our urban habitats photographs become passages to the natural world. Images of nature are the source of daydreams for the urban dweller, a connection to another time and place. These images conjure up dreams of a journey to a pristine mountain stream, a walk beneath the mystical giants of an ancient forest, an encounter with a wild creature close enough to touch, and a brief glimpse of the sweet light cast upon a distant alpine slope as the sun rises. Through images of nature, there is a moment when the human spirit is replenished and the observer remembers who and what they are.  

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